Kids/Youths Programmes

Our Foundational Paddling Camps (for ages 12 - 15) offer an experiential learning experience like no other.  Incorporating elements of Wild About Sports, Paddle Smart, the Paddle Canada Stand-up Paddleboarding syllabus and CKC’s community coaching, the program teaches participants about tides, the impact of weather on paddling, currents, as well as river features and hazards – all while getting outdoors and learning how to paddle various crafts with correct technique.  We are uniquely positioned in Squamish with easy access to the ocean, rivers and lakes, and have designed this program to fully utilize our wonderful surroundings.

The Foundational Camps get you outside in teams of 4 learning to work as a team and appreciated our diverse aquatic environment.  The teams of 4 format teaches accountability, commitment and safety as nobody paddles alone.  The camps are also the building blocks for our Development/Fitness program.

Part 1: Introduction to Paddling on the Blind Channel & Stand-Up Paddleboarding (formerly District of Squamish Kids SUP Program)

Go beyond the minimum certification requirements set out by Paddle Canada, our program combines components of Paddle Canada’s syllabus with the PaddleSmart Program and the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s "Wild About Sports Program" to instill Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Skills, water safety awareness and about the aquatic environment.

The camp is one 2-hour classroom session on a Thursday evening followed by 4 x 2-hour paddles on the subsequent Saturday and Sunday – starts the first Thursday of the month from April - July.

Part 2: Introduction to the Kayak Stroke – Surfski Camp

Learn the basics of the kayak stroke on our club’s surfskis, build on your environmental knowledge gained in Part 1 and expand your paddling skills.

The camp is one 1.5-hour pool session on a Saturday evening followed by 4 x 1.5-hour paddles on the subsequent Saturday and Sunday – starts the third Saturday of the month from April - September.

Part 3: Introduction to Team Paddling – OC4 Camp

Refine aspects of your SUP stroke by paddling sitting down…..  And while you’re at it learn to paddle in sync with 3 other people.   Our OC4 camp teaches the responsibilities of each seat in the boat and timing and teamwork in a stable ocean-ready boat.

The camp is one 1-hour pool session on a Saturday evening followed by 4 x 1.5-hour paddles on subsequent Sundays starts the first Saturday of the Month from May - September

Part 4: Introduction to River Paddling – River SUP Camp

Expand your paddling environments by learning about river hydrology and safety in our River SUP Camp.  The camp adds strokes to the repertoire built in Part 1 and introduces participants to paddling in more dynamic environments.

The camp is one 2-hour session on a Saturday on the Blind Channel followed by four 2-hour sessions on the Mamquam River (at the Whitewater Access site) on Saturdays and Sundays.  Starts the first Saturday of the month from June – October.

All camps are $150 per participant.  With the exception of personal clothing (base layers, swimming costume, water bottles, etc) all equipment is provided.

Below is a sample 2019 calendar:

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